Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

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Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh where one of developerlighthouse
Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh where one of developerlighthouse

Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

Here we listed about Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh. The Information Age (IT) is spreading globally which is vital for a country to grow. Developer lighthouse businesses are launching their commercial ventures around the world to assemble Point 10 IT group In Bangladesh and promote their own IT industries.

Nowadays tech giants are making huge investments in Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and many other large companies to reduce their prices in Asian countries. There is huge manpower beneath the platform the platform can provide

Many IT groups were established over the years to create a ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and the initiatives are coming right here. Bangladesh’s IT zones are expanding rapidly and IT businesses are promised to meet the needs of foreign clients as well as surrounding clients. The Government of Bangladesh is now investing large sums of money to raise IT in the quarter.

1. Tiger IT Bangladesh LTD

Tiger enjoys extra than 10 years in handling software improvement. One of the Best and Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh. It is a nice software program agency around Bangladesh to create automated Fingerprint identity gadget (AFIS). At 28, for the general election in Bangladesh, Tiger created a entire software application for identification and voter registration projects national. There are 20,6 personnel, including a 5-id manipulate server constructed through Tiger.

2. DataSoft Systems BD LTD

Facts tender is well known as the first CMMI stage five software program development organisation in Bangladesh. In both company and public sectors, records tender brought modern and price powerful technical offerings for the clients. In design and create tasks, It has contributed substantially to the digitization of Bangladesh.

3. Magnito Digital LTD

Magnito virtual is the largest virtual organisation of Bangladesh consisting of 70+ human beings. The magneto digital have deal with the largest clients of Bangladesh and solve problem by combining and innovative strategies with records and generation. Magnito digital turns into the ‘campaign Asia-Pacific’ within the ‘relaxation of South Asia’ category. They consider that, they will drive the sustainable increase of technology & innovation.

4. NewsCred

Newscred operating on a mission to reinvent advertising for absolutely everyone. They prioritize the consider over everything because it’s miles the muse of their values. They love running collectively and believing inside the energy of tightly-knit corporation. The corporation’s carry answers once they face demanding situations and lead encourage, aid their colleagues.

5. SouthTec Group

Southtech institution is one in every of the largest agency which have become Microsoft licensed solution issuer, ISO 9001 certified and the primary CMMI degree three appraised software agencies in Bangladesh. The organization hooked up in 1996. In 2011, the south-tech limited acquired the award of worldwide arch of Europe for great and era in gold class. The younger expert team presented runner up at ‘code warrior assignment’.

6. LeadSoft Bangladesh LTD

Leadsoft is a software improvement organization which mounted in 1999.

The venture of the company is to comprehend the customer’s business and transport result thru their revel in. The challenge of the enterprise is to meet the purchaser’s want thus the purchaser’s dream website and software program came authentic.

7. Brain Station 23 LTD

The brain station 23 limited is the biggest software program and it corporation which began the adventure in 2006. It provides the software products both international and neighborhood market. The It quarter has unfold out some countries now a days along with Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, uk, united states, Israel.

8. Kaz Software

Kaz smooth restricted hooked up in 2004. It’s miles one of the leading custom software corporations in Bangladesh so one can create regular software. The expert designers, engineers and content specialists involve in this company. Kazsoft has a couple of industries and serve the international clients by imparting software improvement and content control offerings.

9. REVE Systems

REVE systems began its journey in 2003 to serve the IP based conversation industry. Now-a-days, The REVE systems leads in cell VoIP, SIP smooth-switch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, net-RTC, company communique, e-Governance and mobile OTT. They are trying to offer 24×7 Platinum stage, by way of their experienced and properly skilled engineers, for you to help their customers and make certain that their services are to be had for their clients. The REVE structures has acquired many award consists of 2012 NGN leadership Award and 2011 Unified communication Excellence Award.

10. Developer LightHouse

Developer Lighthouse (IT Solution) is a IT/Software based Firm in Bangladesh, Since 2019. We collaborate with people, teams, and businesses to develop design systems, strategies, and processes to do better and more interesting creative work. We serve to give our best service to our client all over the globe.
From Application development and technical system support to complex e-business and web development, We offer complete IT Solutions.

Growing nations like India, China, Japan, Malaysia etc. Have created opportunities that presented by using the digital Age and catch up with those nations which might be technologically superior. These international locations have invested massive amount to obtain significant benefits in higher earnings and expanded the growth in IT zone.
For example, In Malaysia the IT area that hastily growth is fully supported with the aid of the authorities, overall 800 new IT organizations has created 98000 jobs and over 200 foreign companies have mounted their nearby facilities throughout Malaysia which brings big quantities of dollars like billions of greenbacks in funding and create new process sector. In India, foreign funding allows to increase the IT zone and their GDP growth substantially. Now a days the outsourcing region has a market over 500 billion greenback round the world. The percentage of India is a hundred and forty billion dollar and Bangladesh is seven hundred million greenbacks.
Bangladesh can also don’t forget the following approach to satisfy the slogan of ‘virtual Bangladesh’ and with the intention to boost up the boom of IT zone sustainable. If the authorities injects a prime funding like USD 2 billions over five years then the sector will extend rapidly and new job zone will be created on the way to help to expand the country and the huge GDP boom.
The authorities have to assist the marketers to start IT companies in Bangladesh by using providing budget, business improvement and advertising help. Consequently two primary tremendous consequences will acquire so that it will push Bangladesh in the direction of of it’s digitization aim. First, the high paid task in IT area and 2nd the expansion of new IT businesses. The growth of new IT groups will generate a huge glide of foreign exchange through direct overseas funding. Thanks for stay with this article. We are trying to say about Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh.

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